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On MusicNexo online store you have available all the intruments and technology needed to have a full music production system. You can buy online interfaces, keyboard controllers, control surfaces, workstations & synths, portable recorders and studio monitors among others. We have brand names such as Korg Microkey, Yamaha, etc.

  • Interfaces
    At MusicNexo you can buy online interfaces and audio playback systems of all ranges, of excellent value for money and with the trust that comes with the best brands in musical production: Yamaha, Roland, M-Audio, Alesis, Korg... The audio interface you're looking awaits you on our online store.
  • Keyboard controllers
    Keyboard controllers
    Want to buy a master keyboard for your music production equipment? You're at the right online store. We have a wide range of keyboard controllers of different ranges and brand names such as Akai, Korg and M-Audio. Wait no more and grab one on the MusicNexo online store.
  • Workstation & Synth
    Workstation & Synth
  • Control surfaces
    Control surfaces
    Looking for a control surface to make your music sound to perfection? You're in the right place. On the MusicNexo online store you can buy online controllers of various ranges and premium brands such as Akai and Korg. Check out our catalogue and find what you're looking for.
  • Portable recorders
    Portable recorders
    Want to buy a multitrack recorder of the best quality? Or maybe a portable recorder at a great price? Whatever it is you're looking for, it's at MusicNexo. Find on our online store a wide variety of recorders, from brands such as Allen&Heath, Boss and Yamaha, and pick yours.
  • Studio Monitors
    Studio Monitors
    Looking for a studio monitor at a great price and of the best quality? With MusicNexo, it's possible. On our online store you can buy online speakers, subwoofers and any type of studio monitor, as well as all the accessories needed for your equipment to run smoothly: stands, volume controls, etc.
  • Headphones
    Don't miss out: find on the Musicanarias online store headphones and other accessories (such as headphone amps) at a great price. Of the best quality and from prestige brands such as Yamaha, Shure, Sennheiser, AKG and Audio-Technica. What are you waiting for?

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